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You are about to discover your Business Builder Profile.

Finding the right business is all about compatibility and leveraging your skills. A business that is right for one person is not necessarily a good fit for you.

This is NOT a personality test.

"Correlations between personality and success fall in the .03 to .15 range, which is close to zero."
Frederick Morgerson et al, Personnel Psychology (2007)

We use an integrated, science based approach featuring patent-pending methodologies, thus offering greater insight into who you are as a business builder.

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This Questionnaire is meant to be completed quickly in one sitting and should take 5-10 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. Just make the selections that you feel best describe how you really are in business.

Note: your report does not replace the advice of a franchise consultant, attorney or financial advisor. Due to the subjective nature of questionnaire we accept no liability for content, consequence or use of report.